Over the past few years I have been fortunate to embark on several exciting musical projects that have enriched me artistically and personally.  

As a composer I have always made a point of exploring and pushing the boundaries of my own writing, trying to create different moods within my pieces by combining traditional and more contemporary harmony and focusing on a strong use of melody and groove with the additional use of odd time signatures.   

Composers and musicians from Maurice Ravel and Cannonball Adderley to Ennio Morricone, Joshua Redman and Stevie Wonder are a continuous inspiration for what I'm trying to achieve musically. 

To me a composition is powerful and magical when it immediately sets a mood and takes the audience on a journey creating vivid images in their minds. This pulls an emotional trigger and the music stays with me for a long time - this is the goal I strive to achieve each time I start a project and complete a recording. 

When I embark on a new project and record it I hope it may sound fresh and different from the previous albums released. I try to achieve this by exploring the sound of a different combination of instruments and perhaps some that I have never used before in my recordings. There are also times when I like to revisit past collaborations trying to further enhance them. 

In the projects you can see and visit on the side, you'll be able to read about different collaborations from musicians from different countries and cultural backgrounds. The size of the group recording the album will vary from a duo to a Trio, Quartet and Quintet with a  combination of different instruments. The nature of the project will change from original compositions to jazz standards and also using photography as a means of inspiration for writing music.