The recording of this project was completed in the year 2005 and allowed my quintet to tour twice around the Uk and receive sponsorship from Jazz Services both in 2006 and 2008.

The project grew out of my intense passion for cinema and a fascination with the way music compliments and enhances the visual images. The times I have been most moved with art have been when the artists has exploited this.

When visiting photography exhibitions I often find myself inspired. I'm excited by the way a photograph, with its individual character and story, sparks off a creative process in me: the melodies and rhythms that emerge are a direct result of this creative interplay.

One of the most influential photographers who have inspired me in this way is Elliott Erwitt. He has the ability to depict a wide variety of subjects such as conflict, love and humour. His strong images evoke powerful musical responses in me resulting in compositions that display a similar wide range of themes. From his vast portfolio of photos I have selected eight contrasting images that I felt would inspire me to compose very different tunes.

My aim, through my compositions and performances, is to encourage the audience to experience both forms of art simultaneously; I want to take them on a journey and hopefully entertain and inspire them to uncover the meaning for themselves!

To learn more about Elliott Erwitt visit:

The quintet performing the project includes:Roger Beaujolais/vibraphone; Liam Noble/piano;Julian Bury/bass; Jim Hart/drums some of London's busiest and most talented musicians on the jazz circuit.

The band performs the music of the photographs which are projected onto a large screen so the audience can listen to the music while looking at the images therefore making a story out of them.