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The Tommaso Starace Quartet draws from and array of influences from photography, personal occurrences, music legends, and more on the release Dont Forget......

The Tommaso Starace Quartet draws from an array of influences from photography, personal occurences, music legends, and more on the release Dont Forget to forge a progressive blues, jazz, and swing sound.

Dont Forget was produced by Alessio Brocca and released on the Edizioni Musicali Brocca Label. This marks the third recording by Tommaso Starace and his first collaboration with Michele Di Toro, Attilio Zanchi, and Tommy Bradascio.......Tommaso is an artist that got his start playing the saxophone at 18, a bit later than some, but he has made up for any lost time. He has infused his being into his music drawing inspiration from the best of the past and present both musically and from various photographic images, while always inserting his unique sense of timing and playfulness into his playing.

Dont Forget opens with a solo by Tommaso on Prelude to Isfahan where his saxophone creates a cascading series of voices that beckons the listener to take notice that they are in for a treat. The Prelude to Isfahan leads into its namesake, the track Isfahan, which provide ample space for each of the band members to add their individual signatures to make the song swing. The Track Divieto Di Sosta ( No Parking) pokes fun at all the drives who have been unjustly ticketed by the police. Tommaso uses his unique arranging to create a distinct interplay between the saxophone and each of the other instruments to reflect the different stages that a driver may go through as they plead their indefensible case to the police officer ( amazement, surprise, bewilderment, humility, and frustration).

Seven Blues opens with a rousing drum solo that leads into a jazz and blues sound complemented by Tommasos haunting saxophone as he runs through some staggering riffs. Attilio Zanchi looks back at his many influences from the 1970s in his arrangement of the track Overjoyed, written by Stevie Wonder, as he adds in a bit of mischievousness and energy to the sound.

Tommasos ballad Farewell Capa is influenced from the many photographs by the legendary combat photographer Robert Capa. A very poignant track that mirrors the emotional photography rendered through Robert Capas eye.

Additional tracks include Confused featuring a torrid saxophone against a compelling drum and piano solo with a swingning bass complement, Go Tom that features a notable straight ahead groove, Tommasos fiery arrangement of the Oscar Pettiford track Bohemia After Dark, and closes with the title track Dont Forget, written by Pat Metheny.

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