Michele Di Toro started his career as a pianist with an academic background, attending courses of high interpretative specialization, from the cultured music of the old continent, he opens himself to Ragtime and the great chapters of jazz stride piano and more importantly to the improvisation and language inspired by Keith Jarett.
The young pianist from Abruzzo asserts himself as a fine european jazz musician gifted with an extraordinary musical sensitivity and technique which he successfully combines with great imagination within his compositions.
Michele covers a musical path that encompasses the piano tradition of such composers as Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven and Liszt reaching the genious of Duke Ellington; all of these styles are linked together in his music creating wonderfully orchestrated sounds.
His brilliant technique, hard swinging playing, and his clear sound backed up by a deep harmonic knowledge and strong sense of rhythm continue to fascinate listeners.
For these considerable qualities he has received great appreciation from pianists of the caliber of Maurizio Pollini and Enrico Pieranunzi, just to mention a few renown names. www.micheleditoro.com