Eleuthera All That Jazz


“Eleuthera All That Jazz” is an annual jazz festival held on the island of Eleuthera on the Atlantic edge of the Bahamas archipelago. It’s a fairly new festival, having been founded in 2013 by its chairwoman Patricia Oakes Leigh-Wood to help raise funds for the island’s historic Haynes Library. In 2017 Tommaso was lucky to be invited to perform at the festival with jazz pianist Massimo Colombo. As the week long festival turned out to be so successful Tommaso and Massimo were invited back to the festival across the following years and Tommaso acted as musical director in 2018 and 2019. In 2018 Tommaso decided to record a CD with the musicians he had collaborated with during the festival which made up the “Eleuthera All That Jazz” Quintet including Massimo Colombo on Fender Rhodes and three gifted Bahamian local jazz musicians from the island of Nassau: Lamont Gibson on trumpet, Adrian D'Aguilar on bass and Kevin Dean on drums. The music recorded on the album reflects the uplifting spirit of the Festival and the amazing natural surroundings made of pink sandy beaches overlooking clear turquoise waters. There are six originals most of them written with a Latin feel and some in a blues and swing style.