Narrow Escape - Harmony Less Quartet


With 'Harmony-Less Quartet' Tommaso features in this project one of Britain’s most talented Tenor saxophonists, Dave O’Higgins and two of Italy's most in demand rhythm section musicians Davide Liberti on bass and Ruben Bellavia on drums.
The Quartet gets its title from the absence of a harmonic instrument such as the guitar or piano: the absence of these gives the opportunity to both horns to improvise with more harmonic freedom as if they are in a Trio context when each left to solo.
The melodies in the horns ( alto and tenor) are harmonised to give more character to the compositions. Strong melodic and rhythmic written lines contained in the compositions are provided to Liberti's and Bellavia's virtuoso playing.
Tommaso adds to his repertoire 5 new original tunes and revisits some of the great jazz standards of the past such as Trinkle-Tinkle ( T. Monk), Bebop ( D. Gillespie), Grand Central (J. Coltrane).